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Why Online Classes Are the Next Big Thing

Online classes have been around for over 20 years. It’s definitely not a new thing. So, why are people talking about it like it is? Because it is the next big thing.


The number of students who choose to pursue an education online, whether it be for attaining a degree or just for learning a new skill, is increasing every year.


The e-learning industry has grown by a staggering 900% from 2001 to 2017, and it’s expected to keep growing. There are more people who are now realizing the potential of learning online and the many benefits it has over in person classes.


Here are some important statistics.


The e-learning industry is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025


In 2015, it was worth $107 billion. This means the industry is expected to grow by over 300%. More and more companies are adopting the e-learning approach and incorporating it into their corporate structure. E-learning is quickly becoming the new norm.


77% of corporations used online learning by 2017


Why are so many corporations adopting this approach? Because it works. It has been proven to increase revenue and turn employees into valuable assets. It’s the perfect way to educate people who wouldn’t normally have the time to take in person classes. 47% of students who chose to pursue an online education did so because they had other commitments which prevented them from taking face to face classes.


97% of college students moved to online learning since the pandemic


The pandemic has played a powerful role in further increasing the size of the industry, but it was growing way before it happened. It is still unclear how long students will be forced to take online classes, but we can be sure there is still a significant amount of time that this will continue.


After the pandemic, what will happen to the e-learning industry? It seems that people adopt online learning more readily after they have a chance to try it themselves. Much of the criticisms for online learning come from people who know little about it or have limited experience with it. We can only expect there to be a permanent growth in the industry due to the pandemic and the circumstances that have forced people to try it when they normally wouldn’t have.


Why Now Is the Time to Start Creating Courses


If the statistics say one thing, it’s that the e-learning industry is experiencing a rapid rate of growth and an increasing acceptance from people in different backgrounds. Now is the perfect time to create a course if you have something to teach.


Highly Profitable


Aside from the fact that online teaching has a lot of benefits that give it an edge over in person classes, it can also be profitable. Teaching has been an underpaid profession for a long time, but this is quickly changing.


Creating a course online is a new way to create a passive income. It is also scalable. You could potentially have hundreds of students taking your course at once, with the need for little feedback on your part depending on the course.


E-Learning is at the Beginning of a Major Upswing


As the statistics have shown, more and more people are adopting online learning. Also, the unique circumstances of the pandemic is causing it to grow even larger, making now a crucial time to start creating and uploading courses online.


It’s true you could always wait to upload a course. The technology is always going to be there. But if you want to capitalize on this upswing, then it would be a huge mistake to wait. As more instructors upload courses, it’s becoming more competitive.


Think about it this way. Online commerce relies on trust and this is usually accomplished through ratings. If you enter the industry later, then you will have a greater barrier to entry as other instructors have already had a chance to build a reputation for themselves.


If you have something to teach, don’t wait.


Join the industry with IQUniv and ride the e-learning wave. We treat all of our instructors fairly and are committed to giving you and your students a quality experience.

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