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About iQUniv

Welcome to iQUniv: a platform empowering today’s learners to become tomorrow’s leaders.

iQUniv was founded by Corey Halstead, an aviation professional with years of experience navi-gating ineffective and dull corporate online learning systems. As a manager in his professional life and an avid learner in his personal life, Halstead felt like there was a gap in the online learn-ing industry. Too many platforms enforced stringent teacher guidelines and ignored student en-joyment and engagement levels — and no one loved learning.

Halstead created iQUniv to be a different kind of online learning community. After so many years utilizing limited online learning systems, he has developed iQUniv to be a fun, engaging, and interactive platform for both students and teachers in several meaningful ways.

iQUniv is committed to diversifying education to make it more adaptable and relevant in today’s fast-paced modern world. While we offer traditional academic courses, iQUniv focuses on bring-ing together the most passionate, experienced, and successful leaders from across all industries and disciplines to create unique classes and share their knowledge.

Instructors have complete creative control when it comes to developing their courses, which is why you’ll find dozens of specialized courses on our platform that explore and reflect today’s most valuable subjects and pressing questions. Instructors aren’t necessarily teachers by training; they are leaders in their chosen field, curating student experiences that respond to the problems they see and solve every day. Ranging from traditional academic courses to business and finance topics to art and design classes, iQUniv has it all.

And the iQUniv team has developed our online learning community so that everyone can thrive. Whether you’re looking to find a new hobby, change careers, strengthen a skillset, or climb the corporate ladder, there’s an iQUniv course and instructor suited to your goals.

At its core, iQUniv facilitates meaningful connections between instructors and students. The platform grounds education with real-life experience and autonomy while still providing instruc-tors and students alike the support and resources they need to shine. Our teachers can infuse their technical skillsets and knowledge-base with their personal style, experiences, and development. Regardless of the subject, iQUniv courses delve beyond a textbook and offer invaluable insight into what it’s like to succeed in a given field.

iQUniv is a place dedicated to giving everyone a voice to speak, teach, learn, and ask questions. Join our community to share your passion, grow in your personal and professional endeavors, and connect with others.