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The Benefits of Online Teaching

Online classes are quickly becoming the preferred method of teaching for instructors around the world. As more classes move online, the benefits of digital teaching have become more and more apparent.


Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of teaching online and how it helps students learn your material.


Reach More People


The size of your online class will largely depend on you. You could potentially have hundreds of students at any time. There is no other way to teach that offers the same scope and individual attention to students at the same time.

With online classes, your students can be from anywhere in the world. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to learn from your courses.

In a traditional classroom setting, you are limited to the number of students you could teach at once. There’s no better joy as an instructor than to know you’re helping hundreds of students at once from the comfort of your computer.

Online classes are also easier to access for most people. Not everyone could carve out the time in the week to show up to a class at a scheduled time. You now have the power to reach people who normally wouldn’t be able to take one of your classes in person.




When people talk about the flexibility of online classes, they typically speak about it from the student’s end. What about instructors?

Instructors get to enjoy the same flexibility as their students. They could teach from anywhere in the world, cross different time zones, and upload content as they please.

Think about the time you waste commuting to and from your class. Think of all the time you spend preparing for lectures. You no longer have to do any of this. All you need to do is log on to your computer and upload your material whenever you think it’s appropriate.

This gives you the freedom to have your own schedule. If you had a doctor’s appointment for example, you would just have to upload your content anytime beforehand. In a face to face setting, you would have to go through the trouble of canceling a class and your students would miss out on a lecture for that day.




An instructor’s responsibilities usually fall into two categories, teaching and grading. Grading is typically a tedious and time-consuming task that doesn’t require too much thinking on your part.

Instructors have the option to automate large portions of their courses where their real time feedback isn’t necessary.

For example, quizzes could be automatically graded and instructors can enjoy the benefit of instant feedback. You could immediately gage where students are struggling and where you need to put more time.

The less time you spend doing tasks which can be automated, the more time you could spend on perfecting your material and adapting to the needs of your students.


Provide Students With 24/7 Access


Typically, when students ask for extra time after class, all they really need is for you to repeat something from your lectures. Now, students could watch your material at their own place and replay it whenever they need.

This means they will be more able to retain the information and gain a deeper understanding of your material. Isn’t this the main goal of teaching?


Utilize Technology


Online classes break through the confines of a classroom. You can get really creative with your lectures by using animations, blogs, real time research, and even interactive games.

The best part is that you will be able to encourage students who wouldn’t normally participate in a physical setting to become active members in your course.

You also have the option of scheduling video conferences one on one, or scheduling video conferences with small groups. This contradicts one of the biggest criticisms of online classes, claiming students don’t get any one on one interaction. The reality is that students get more individual attention online.


Start Teaching Online Now


IQUniv can quickly get you started on an innovative online teaching platform. Take advantage of all the benefits of teaching a class online. Do your students a service and give them a deep understanding of what you have to teach.

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